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Sheena The Sheriff

After my excruciating experience in 2018 of 'waking up' on my own in Australia, and after making the important decision of becoming an investigative journalist and making the valuable connections with the 'elite' and other humanitarian leaders in the truth movement in 2019, I knew in my heart I had a do something.  I had gained a tremendous amount of knowledge in such a short time, and prior to the hoax I conducted interviews and did lives throughout Sydney to hone into my presentation skills. I was guided the whole time and felt lucky I had made so many wonderful friends, and built such a loving  community and interactive audience. I knew early on that this was my life purpose and mission.

In 2019 I became a past life regression therapist,  and then moved north of Sydney (an hour and a half) to the Central Coast to avoid the disaster coming to the cities. I set up a B&B sanitary called - The Giving Tree Sanctuary - with beautiful business cards and a spacious home to invite new clients to support, but on the day I opened my doors to the public,  the hoax hit. Like everyone else on the planet, I was shocked, confused and caught off guard. It took them 3 days to close the world down and I will never forget the abuse and trauma we went through. 

I knew from day 1 it was a hoax, but it took almost a year to face this truth that this was Agenda 21 in full effect. 

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As soon as the penny dropped and the war became clear - It was game on. It was then that I become a Natural Law Sheriff, and joined in the fight for humanity.  I connected with other  star-seeds quickly and spoke to them regularly during the biggest democide (genocide by all governments) this world collective as ever experienced strategizing our mission and our goals. We are family now. 
When I look at others in the past that would have done what we do, I think of the legendary Jesus and the goddess Ma'at - who are icons of inspiration that we can gain wisdom and strength from.

I studied the path of Jesus, which is how we are supposed to play this 'game' we are in.

I studied my human rights, which would be the topic of 'Natural Law' that I spoke out so confidently about throughout the hoax that saved so many lives. 

I learned how to discern truth with every piece of content that passed my desk, which helped me sort through the bullshit. This was, after all, an information war. 

Finally, at the end of 2020, I fine tuned my knowledge of living in the private realm and set up my own Private Membership Association (PMA) for this mission - Freedom Collective Foundation.


I used my knowledge and strength to become a natural law sheriff, and took my family and ex through the Common Law Court process (in Australia) to prove my innocence with my ex (and daughter) and to try to explain this situation with my family. I was in so much pain and I wanted to get my daughter back, but ultimately - I failed. I cried so many tears and felt pain like never before. No parent should ever go through this abuse, but they do - all the time in countries all around the world.

Between 2020 -2022, I became mentally and physically exhausted from the abuse we experienced from the hoax, AND from my personal involvement with my ex and the new world order goals. I saw first hand the corruption and lost every attempt to win this war, however,  it wasn't my fault. The game is set up this way. For people to fail. This process was met with resistance from all angles and I had the courts, lawyers, cops, my family AND my daughter against me.

As this personal situation unfolded it became apparent that this was my 4th time experiencing sever narcissistic abuse. I made some hard decisions about my daughter, and finally decided to leave Australia. By then I knew how narcissist's operate, as well as how psychopaths and sociopaths operate. We have a big hill to clime in our future, but I am confident love will win this war.



knowing narcissism, psychopathy and sociopathy. 

My decision to leave Australia was not easy, but I knew humanity, as a whole, had an up hill battle to face and I knew that we were dealing with a group of people who were hell bent on their mission of deploying their agendas over the coming decades. I knew we, as a human collective, needed to gather and organize and I was willing to help in any way I could.

Agenda 21 and 2030 are the plans of the New World Order

...and before we go on - this is NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY!

2003 - Unexpected Bankruptcy:  I met my ex in Burmuda in June 2022 and we had a short courtship of 6 weeks before he asked my dad to marry me. I we married officially on November 18 2022, and I loved moved to England on January 7th 2003. I had no idea he was 80K in debt and I knew nothing about narcism. We became bankrupt on February 14th and this shook my soul. The foundation of our married was cracked to the core.  My thinking was - I made my I have to lie in it.



2009 - Unexpected Lawsuit:  In January 2009 , my ex and I had a baby.  The relationship was on the rocks,  it had been this way since the bankruptcy. I was conscious of the toxic environment that had been created over the years and knew it was never going to support a loving family, but by this time, I had excelled in my career (we both had) and I really wanted to make him happy. Actually, I really just wanted peace.

I said no at first and fought very hard to maintain a cordial relationship, but on the same day (4 years later on February 14th 2007 after watching this film), I  decided a new baby would be an amazing gift, and an honor to raise. We finally found happiness between us throughout the pregnancy and then when our daughter was born, but a few weeks later I would be unexpectedly fired from a job I loved,

I never thought in a million years that I would end up being fired from the company that I loved so dearly, but I did.  It happened during an international acquisition and I went head to head with two CEOs from both companies fighting for my rights to stay in my job I loved. I was on maternity leave and during one of my 'check ins'  they decided to hire the temporary employee who was younger, and a less expensive employee, and this act was illegal. I didn't know the difference between the statutory and natural law systems, but I know this was not right with the company I dedicated so much time and energy too. It was then that I leaned about my human rights as an employee. What resulted in an 18 month civil lawsuit, something that came from left field,
 I was not expecting to be fired right after having my baby , who does this? Only a narcissist. 

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2012 - Unexpected Separation from Marriage  In October 2012 , I knew my the toxic environment that had been created over the 2 years since her birth for my daughter was not healthy.  I knew in my heart I could not go on any further. It had been almost 10 years (to the date) and my sould could not carry on. I had lied in my bed and it was time to wake up to the truth - that I was not happy and that the marriage needed to end. 

By this time, we had relocated to Australia through a work visa that my ex was able to establish. It was my decision to leave the UK after winning the court case . The six figure settlement fee was intended to set us up in a home, for a fresh new start for our brand new family.

But, after 18 months of living in Australia, my soul could not take it any more and I knew I needed to make this decisions, for the best interest of my daughter. I had planned on easing through the transition in peace, which was the best outcome for everyone. I knew this would be a tough process on my own in Australia, without any local family or friends, but I also knew this was the most important decision of my daughters life. I did this for her.

We were 6 months away from achieving PR (permanent residency) status in Australia and, knowing that we needed to be 'officially' a couple when we were granted this visa, I intended to use this time as a "buffer"  to get organized. At this time, I didn't know anything about NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) or PA (parental alienation) but I would soon learn this was the absolute worst thing I could have done. There are not many things I regret in life, but how I handled this divorce this is one of them. 

About a week after I asked for a divorce, I flew home to share my news with my family. My dad didn't want me to end the marriage, and tried to convince me to stay, but my mind was made up. There was no turning back. When I arrived home, I leanred that my ex terminated the leasing agreement on our house without my acknowledgment and found a new place down the road without me. The new lease included him and my daughter, leaving me - on my own. This was the first sign of Parental Alienation - a term all too common around the world.

Parental Alienation is a form of Domestic Violence that can only happen through a corrupt judiciary system.   It is man made concept that is too difficult and long to explain in one post, but happens throughout the divorce process. In essence, it is mental and emotion abuse for both the parent and child. The he abuse I experienced throughout (and after) the divorce was far worse than the abuse inside my ten year marriage.  I didn't know this at the time, but when you divorce the government manages the process. There is a game being played. The game is called: The New World

I was able to experience 11 wonderful years with my daughter until June 2020, when she was unlawfully stolen from me from through a false 'AVO' (restraining order) which resulted in a court case and a 'legal' separation from my daughter. The teacher, principal, lawyer, courts judge and clerks,  and the statutory system of law are ALL 'in on it' - most without knowing it. I haven't seen or spoken to her since.




2020 - Unexpected Global Genocide  Although I 'woke up' in 2018, it wasn't until 2019 that I started to speak out about the goals of the New World Order -  Agenda 21 / 2030 :

  • Depopulation

  • No Property

  • No Inheritance

In 2020 the world was faced with the biggest hoax humanity has ever witnessed; we are still feeling the aftermath as 'suddenly died' becomes the main side effect of their solution they promoted so recklessly. People are still  wearing masks and believing the lie. In reality, citizens are being killed (aka: MURDERED) by the people they pay taxes to - all of it was planned for centuries; and unleashed in 2021 through ignorance of the truth about  government.

I was not ignorant. I knew their plans and have been exposing the plot since 2019. I knew something big was coming.


As an Anarchist (one without ruler) I have peacefully opt't of this voluntary system. There are MANY wayshowers around the world who have chosen have learned how to play the game by defending their rights to travel on the road, without having to speak to the cops and/or show proof of a drivers license.  I've personally experienced the cops unlawful actions several times. In addition to the false AVO,  I was pulled over  traveling on the road 3 times and failed  the game each time, The new world order has its grips inside every faucet of government.

In 2022 I got on the road to educate the farmers on the mind control of Agenda 2030. It was a long and sometimes strenuous 18 month journey, but I finally landed in safety.... and this is where I am at now - on a farm, educating farmers on the war against humanity.   There are many people who know this truth and who are now taking action to remove their allegiance from the system, which is violently attacking Mother Earth. my foundation as a PMA (private membership association) where I promoted: Truth, Justice, Freedom and Love. I have identified the the areas of evolution we need to focus on and have interviewed people in their 'secret sauce', to show people how this is done. I call these people way showers - the leaders of our new Earth.

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Our Solutions  Agenda 21 & 2030 is a plan that will impact all areas of your life and human rights, which are listed in the 7 PODS (pillars of dedication & service). We have many options to choose from in each area but the core decisions are based in the law.  One must know the difference between natural law and the statutory system and how to protect their assets outside the statutory system and into the private realm:

  • The Law -  we must re-invent the court system to manage dispute resolution, divorce settlement and weddings. 

  • Family & Kids - we must re-invent the marriage process to avoid issues with the birth and divorce process.  

  • Property & Inheritance we must use private instruments like PMAs (for your business) and Private Trusts (for your home) and there are many qualified people who can help you with this. 

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Always For The People 

The AFTP (Always For The People) Foundation is a non profit,  that amplifies silenced voices.  The foundation creates safer communities and empowers people though education, transparency, and advocacy. Our digital platform engages with millions of people on a weekly basis.

Our solutions are the people. Join today:

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