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Farm Restoration - Mission started August 2022

Preface: Idea pitched to Dennis Meehan Farms 2022

Arrival Date: Sept 31 2022


Farmers Collective

A 3-6 month visit to document, educate and learn.

Goal: to build a Farmer's Collective

The Great Comeback

  1. Body: Detox  

  2. Mind: Natural Law

  3. Spirit: Content Creation


Shaping The Future
The Garden Of Gaia

UPDATE 2024: My 2022 mission (to find a community and farm like the one documented above) did not end up at Dennis Meehan Farms due to constraints I faced that were outside of my control. Instead, my journey lead me to an initial arrival destination of Los Angeles  and from there I visited the following locations to share my quest for the Great Comeback and vision of:  Family, Farm & Future:

  • Southern California

  • Northern California

  • Arizona

  • Manchester

  • Cornwall

  • Darbyshire

  • Bournemouth

I had some incredible ups (a few posts you can read about here and here) and also some incredible downs that left me (what I thought) lost and defeated. But, I picked myself up plenty of times and as I look back at these events I am grateful it all happened in the way it did. I never stopped the mission of helping Mother Earth and doing 'The Great Work' to transmute the anger. This unexpected journey took me to so many new locations,  to finally land in the middle of England, near Leicestershire, in March 2024 at a farm with Gaian Earth Trust.

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