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Freedom Collective Foundation.

Shaping The Future.

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Our Story

Freedom Collective Foundation is a not-for-profit movement committed to rebuilding our new world under natural law, with truth, justice and love as our intent.


Our goals are to unite, connect and grow, as we raise awareness for our concerns, but mainly promote the solutions for our future ~ for our children and the generations to come. With the family unit and community as our primary focus, we move forward and rebuild our world with endless opportunities at our fingertips.

Our projects ~ PODS ~ (Pillars of Dedication and Service) promotes subject matter experts who are dedicated to promoting change on the planet and to help each and everyone of us personally evolve, in our bodies minds and spirits, as we move forward towards our new world.


These world renown innovators of change, from all corners of Earth, use their vision, foresight, and insight, to educate and raise awareness for our solutions in the form of interviews, online events and public speaking engagements. In the process, we, as the collective, become more clear of the problems we must address, and as we unite with our new found knowledge, our clarity will become stronger, and more opportunities will be presented.


Together, we evolve and empower ourselves to become stronger, and this ripples throughout our families, and communities today, and for generations to come.


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About Us


Pillars of Dedication & ServiceOur Pillars Of Dedication and Service (PODS) are the areas that we are focused on and committed to rebuilding. Through our due diligence of finding great people, and with our intent and insight into the right projects and aspirations, we will rebuild the new Earth in truth, peace, justice and love. 

Health & Wellness

A healthy body, mind and spirit is required for evolution. All dietary requirements must be considered when creating a life full of abundance. In addition to an organic approach to life, one must adopt a more eastern philosophy and introduce plant medicine into the mix.

Money & Currency

Your life force is the cornerstone of barter, an instrument for creating currency. As we approach the 4th revolution, digital currency, blockchain technology and smart contracts will be the barter of engagements, and purchase transactions. 

Education & Knowledge

Whether you are homeschooling for the first time, or on a quest to find the hidden secrets of the world, join us each week  as we explore this reality and the occult powers that were given to us since before we were born.

Shelter, Food & Water

From water, to food you choose, to where you retire for the night - ensuring your care towards your maslow's hierarchy of needs is the first step on the path to freedom and sovereignty.


Once you get the foundation down, evolution becomes easy. 

Media & Entertainment

New Earth Entertainment, is the media arm of our new world and is building a whole new Hollywood, with the best minds on the planet, who are assisting humanity evolve from the old 3D reality of fear based mind control, into a brand new 5D reality that is based in truth, freedom, abundance and love.

Natural Lore & Family Resolution

The new Earth embodies Natural Lore, in all areas of life, commitment and love. Through the balance of nature, and in harmony with each other, we seek higher states of consciousness where the essence of our spirits, young and old, are yearning to break free, to be the kings and queens of our own royal reality, finally, and forever.

Your Secret Sauce.

Seeking world renowned leaders, from all corners of Earth, to use their vision, foresight, and insight, to educate and raise awareness for our solutions in the form of interviews, online events and public speaking engagements.

Enquire within.

Our Message

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