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2023 Planning

Preface: Idea pitched to the Hogue Family 2022

Due Date: August 31 2022

To change the Foundation's name from the following:


Freedom Collective


~ TO ~ 

Freedom Collective

  Your Family's Foundation

    healing begins from within.

A family foundation; educating families on how to enhance their overall wellbeing through the foundation of three pillars:

  1. Body: Numi Detox - B2B and B2C sales for healing detox product

  2. Mind: New Earth Entertainment - business promotional B2B marketing services

  3. Spirit: DIY Brown's Gas Machine -  invention, creation, operations, marketing, B2C sales

PILLAR #1: Body: Numi Detox - B2B and B2C sales for detox



PILLAR 2: Mind: New Earth Entertainment - B2B marketing services



Spirit: Browns Gas -  creation, operations, marketing, B-C sales

At Neumi we use ultrapure water combined with essential nutrients in a solution that is down-sized to particles below 100 nanometers, and some as small as 10 nm or below. This adds to the bioavailability dramatically!

“I never tried our products consistently, and I’ve seen so many amazing before and afters. I felt like I really needed to give it a chance. My skin hasn’t been this clear in a long time. My complexion is brighter and smoother, and I finally feel like I can get ready without foundation.”

- Camryn from our Neumi Social Media Team

New Earth Entertainment is an enterprise of subject matter experts who are dedicated to promoting change on the planet and to help each and everyone of us personally evolve, in our bodies minds and spirits, as we move forward towards our new world.

These world renown innovators of change, from all corners of Earth, use their vision, foresight, and insight, to educate and raise awareness for our solutions in the form of interviews, online events and public speaking engagements.

Brown’s Gas is an industry changing technology that’s time has truly come. There are dozens of profitable applications that represent literally Billions of income potential. Existing industries will become more profitable and entire new industries will be created. Every person on the planet will benefit in a variety of ways.  

The Eagle-Research ‘WaterTorch’ is superior to historical electrolyzers in most areas: including lower initial cost, long-term reliability, efficiency of gas production, safety, ease of operation, small size, light weight and almost silent when producing gas. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 1.20.05 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 4.28.32 PM.png

    Foundation Structure, Roles , Set Up

                    0 - 12 Month Deliverables


  • Investors: Dick , Stan, Miles

  • CEOs: Jacoby (USA)  &  Amelie ( ASPAC)

  • Research & Development: Sheena & Oliver 

  • Operations & Marketing: Leah & Amanda

  • Secretary & Treasurer: Maggie

International Bank Accounts:

  • ASPAC: Amelie & Miles to be put on the FCF (Community 1st Bank Account) before Sheena leaves

  • US: Amelie & Sheena, & Family to be put on the new bank account in CA , TX , MT (tbd)

Official Launch Party - October 2022:

  • Family gathering with everyone in Los Angeles to agree to the foundation terms.

  • Research & Development of Brown Gas machine production

  • 2023 Foundation Marketing (to be discussed)

  • Healing​ For All

On The Road Travel 2022 - 23:

  • Miles & Amelie take a 2 week trip to Los Angeles to re-establish ties with

    • Hogue, Solari & Pullen Family Reunion

    • Sheena & Amelie / Mother & Daughter

    • OliverAmelie & Jacoby to work full time on business hiring in services from

      • Operations, Marketing, YouTube Experts, Courses, Ect​

  • Sheena & Leah to take 6 months off to explore the East Coast options.

    • Leah to rent our her apartment and take a medical leave from work

    • Leah to live with the Solaris until the next chapter plans are decided

    • Sheena to cover Leah's costs through government assistance payments​

      • Month 1: Sheena to travel to Maine for Research & Development

      • ​Month 6: Sheena & Leah travel back to California transporting knowledge and soil to the west 

  • Oliver & Amelie take 6 months off school to explore other education options.

    • Oliver to work with Sheena on Research & Development ​

    • Amelie to either stay in the US or go back home with Miles to manage Australia

Family's Commitment

To wholeheartedly heal from past mistakes

To honour new paths and commitments

To look upon all opportunity with positive intent

To help one another achieve New Earth success 

To build bridges between family locations

To share wisdom and information widely

To create good will in all decisions made

To participate through your heart without expectation

To act upon well wishes thereby producing abundance for all 

To love, honour, obey, and concede to nature's way's always

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